Duo Augmented

for flute, clarinet, and electronics


The piece projects one against one, flute and clarinet, forming a unified whole from the two individual parts. The computer is employed to extract sound descriptors from the live performance and dynamically reflect them on the electronic process of the instruments’ tones, creating new timbral, temporal, and spatial gestures via various methods of mapping. Thereby, the computer sets up an environment in which the performers are afforded to augment their performance capacities beyond the conventional paradigms through their tones arising from behavioral and interactive procedures. Beyond the individual HCI in augmentation, the environmental interface provides measures for collective HCI: patterns of sound events—temporal gestalten that are engendered in the interaction between the flute and clarinet—are also the basis of electronic sound generation and processing. When multiple subjectivities are presented at equal weights, a whole can only be defined in a collaborative way. The unification towards a whole is always in process.

Years of Production: 2015–16
Duration: ca. 18 minutes