Kakusei / 覚醒

for 6-channel fixed media


Kakusei (Japanese for “awakening”) is an acousmatic rendering of a dream, and the self-realizations that follow from the act of awakening. The dream world consists of two primary settings: the first is associated with aspects of ritual, with recurring horn-calls announcing new, fragmented states; the second setting is subaquatic, with traces of the ritual horns now submerged and distorted. At this point there is a noticeable reduction of event density, and the events themselves become viscous, moving with dream-like slowness. Through this darkness emerge the beginnings of self-realization, which gradually strengthen by way of an extended crescendo that finally culminates with a sudden snap back to consciousness, or perhaps it is merely another hallway to yet another dream….

Year of Production: 2009
Duration: 12’08”